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On this page you can download translations of ADB AppControl to other languages.

You can take part in translating the program into your language! If you want to help - mail to

How do I apply a translation?
To apply the translation, download the .tsv file of the language you need and place it in
Then run the program and select your language from the list:

If your language has no current translation, you can download the last version and translate a few new lines from original English file (download link always at the bottom of the page). Send this file to me and I will post it here.

Available translations:

Some translations are outdated ✖. You can use them to create your actual ✅.
Create your translation based on the one no longer being updated and send it to me.

✖ ️Chinese (Traditional) [tw.tsv]
1.6.0 by Kris_Chen

Bulgarian [bg.tsv]
1.7.1 by I.Atanasov

Dutch [nl.tsv]
1.7.1 by Alex_Kooyman

✖ ️Finnish [fi.tsv]
1.6.0 by rs_vanadium

French [fr.tsv]
1.7.1 by Pierre Durand

German [de.tsv]
1.7.1 by r14v8

Italian [it.tsv]
1.7.1 by Andrea Moretto

Hungarian [hu.tsv]
1.7.1 by gidano

Korean [ko.tsv]
1.7.1 by 크즈아

✖ ️Latvian [lv.tsv]
1.6.3 by Hudožņik

Polish [pl.tsv]
1.7.1 by 0kti

Spanish [es.tsv]
1.7.1 by Luismi Rodriguez

✖ ️Swedish [sv.tsv]
1.6.0 by Lasse Gustafsson

Ukrainian [uk.tsv]
1.7.1 by S.Sozanski

When will the translation be available?
After completing work on a new program update, it will take some time to translate it. I only translate the program into English and Russian, the rest depends on the users. In the future, language files will be downloaded automatically.

How to take part in the translation?
It is always a pleasure to use your favorite software in your native language. It is very easy to take part in the translation, for this:

  • Download the original English language file (link below).
  • Open it in a text editor and make your translation based on it.
  • Contact me to post your translation on this page.

No special knowledge required. Brief instructions in the file header. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

English Original file for translators only
v1.7.1 Download