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The extended version is a slightly improved ADB AppControl

And my way of saying thank you to all those who support me ;-)

To get an activation key for the Extended Version, it is enough Support the project!

From the first day of the program creation, I strived for simplicity and minimalism in order to make working with applications as convenient as possible for everyone, even not a very experienced user. I didn’t intend to add any settings that would be confusing and I tried to make the interface intuitive. And, judging by the positive reviews, I did well. I was even asked by users, not to complicate the program with functions that you can easily do without! But, as practice has shown, many people also want to be able to customize the program for themselves. This is how the idea of ​​creating an Extended Version with settings for those who want more and are ready to support the project was born.

Extended Version includes:

  • Access to all levels of the Debloat Wizard.
  • The Dark Theme.
  • Sort apps by name, size, and selection state.
  • Saving the history of IP addresses and devices. You no longer have to remember the IP addresses of your devices - they will all be in a convenient list.
  • The option to hide application icons.
  • Saving the icon cache. This is a special mode that will noticeably speed up the loading of data when connected.
  • Disable auto-updating data. If you connect many devices and want to work faster.
  • Ability to send multiple files to a device.
  • Adding apk to the Install list by dragging and dropping the file into the program window.
  • Super Settings which will allow you:
    • Adjust interface transparency
    • Change font size in application list
    • Resize icons in the app list
    • Send multiple files to the your device
  • Silent mode will turn off annoying confirmations of actions.

New features in the extended version will be added regularly with every major update.

Main Page